It’s the brief moments between plans and poses that illuminate the meaning of a life and inspire my work. These minute, personal details that make your story unique are my specialty. Show me the way you accept a cheek kiss, brush your hair back in the wind, or reach for your partner’s hand, and I’ll translate these fleeting moments into print-worthy photos.

Its all about the details

To me, photography isn’t a hobby. It’s a career that makes me happy dance behind my camera. It is the art of capturing moments to produce a physical marker of the present moment that you can revisit for a lifetime. It’s a chance to help you tell your story.

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The Experience

To say that Lauren is INCREDIBLE is an understatement. Lauren was phenomenal throughout the entire process. From the beginning, her creativity and passion shined when she put together mood boards with different photoshoot ideas. She set up our shoot in these gorgeous gardens and even helped me pick out my outfit. She made our shoot so fun and comfortable with her spunky energy, hilarious jokes, and uplifting personality. Lauren didn't pose us for these pictures, but rather she created memories of my hubby and myself dancing through the gardens, whispering jokes in each other's ears, and pretending to be airplanes. We are over the moon with the results from our session. We can't wait for our next photoshoot with her and see her create more MAGIC.

I am not sure if there are enough words in the dictionary of how special Lauren and her photography is to us. My husband and I are very awkward people in front of the camera but Lauren worked with us, made us laugh, worked her magic of editing to make us look SO GOOD. I look at the photos of your engagement shoot and wedding and all I see are how happy were were in those moments. I highly recommend hiring Lauren as your photographer. Her energy and her positivity is something I really appreciated during a very stressful wedding planning. Photography was the most stressful part of my wedding planning due to my anxiety in front of the camera but thanks to Lauren and her professionalism, personality and her mad skills it turned out to be the BEST thing!
-Youn and Kalen

"Highly recommend Lauren as a photographer for any event in your life. She’s amazing and so professional!!! You’ll love her so much and you’ll gain a new friend, not just a photographer!!"

"You'll gain a new friend"

Value photography and the artistry that goes into preserving some of life’s best moments. It’s an investment, and for good reason. I have trained for years and invested in the best equipment to ensure that you receive high quality photos.

Are willing to get silly. The best photos are captured in moments of genuine enjoyment, so I encourage you to whisper in your partner's ear, sneak a butt-grab, or only speak in
funny accents.

Live for the moments that you can’t put into words. Photography offers the visual language that feeds the nostalgia in our hearts.

We're a good fit if you...

Waiting for your photos is the hardest part, and I understand that! For weddings and regular sessions I have a sneak peek sent out 24-48 hours after. My editing turn around time for sessions is about 2-3 weeks, with weddings being 8 weeks. If I can deliver sooner I definitely do!

How long do we wait for our photos?

I do not! For a couple of reasons. 1. RAW files are huge! 2. They aren't an accurate representation of my work. Half the magic happens in post processing. Plus, you are hiring a photographer for their creative eye and a lot of that comes through in editing your images.

Do you give RAW photos?

I require a 20% retainer to lock your date in my books for both sessions and weddings. I accept credit card (paid through an invoice) or cash for the rest of your session or wedding! I also offer payment plans and that option can always be discussed if you needed it. 

How does payment work?

My sessions are fully customizable. This means that you can bring your dog, your favorite meal to eat for a picnic, your favorite beers to shotgun. Have a hobby you like to do together like longboarding or playing chess? Bring those items along! In the end my couples/engagement sessions are meant to reflect you and the things that make your relationship different than everyone else!

What should we bring to our session?


Ahh covid. I will be so thankful for this season of life to end. With everything still being so unpredictable I am trying to be as flexible as I can. Mask wearing, hand washing, and all the health and sanitation protocols are required for every session. I also understand rescheduling and I do allow retainers to be transferred to another date as long as I have that date available in my books. 

What are you doing about Covid?

The good (and sometimes bummer) thing about Colorado weather is that it can change within a few minutes. So if we need to sit in the car and wait out a quick thunderstorm we should be good! If waiting it out isn't an option then we can always re-scheudule for another date

What if there is bad weather?

Absolutely! Outfit planning is one of my favorite parts of planning a session. I love when my clients text me outfit ideas or ask my opinion. I can always send you some inspiration if you need it as well. 

Will you help us with outfits?

Does anyone truly feel comfortable in front of the camera? If they do, they have some magic power that they need to share! My job is to help you feel comfortable and its okay if that takes a little bit of time! I promise by the end of your session you will loosen up and have a blast!

What if my partner and I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?


While I do give my clients printing rights, I ALWAYS encourage them to print through my printer for higher quality prints and top-notch customer service. Going through my printing service is also a great way to support my small business, and it guarantees that my clients will be able to access their memories— no matter what kind of technological changes emerge.

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The most important thing to me during a shoot is that my clients have fun. I want my couples to get in their car after the photo session with sore cheeks from smiling so much, and to feel reminded of why they love each other as much as they do. From silly prompts to poses, I have many tools in my arsenal to make sure we capture the love.

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Because my schedule fills up quickly, I only take a certain number of sessions per month so that I can properly devote my energy to my client experience and editing. I recommend getting on the books sooner than later to secure your spot. 

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