a few fun facts about me;
-I love to read. Fantasy is my favorite but Im also a sucker for a good love story or historical fiction.
-I love tattoos and hearing the meaning behind them.
-I collect coffee mugs and tea cups.
-If there is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Disney trivia night you will want me on your team!
-My music taste is all over the place. I am usually jamming to some show tunes, 00's pop punk (A Day to Remember will always get me pumped up!), some Carrie Underwood or Joshua Radin!
-I LOVE lavender! The color, smell, and adding lavender syrup to my lemonade or tea!

When I’m not chasing beautiful people around with my camera, you will find me at home loving on my baby girl and hubby, watching a Disney movie, or reading with a glass of white zin in hand! 

I love my job!

About Lauren


My Approach

I am here to capture the magic of windswept hair, belly laughs and crinkled noses. We will spend less time posed to capture more authentic moments.

Tell me about you and your story and I will deliver photos that reflect that. 

Pretty photos are one thing but the experience is what takes a session from 'meh' to epic. My goal is for you to get in your car afterwards and think 'wow that was so much fun!'

So what can you expect during your session? We meet up, we chat a bit, and then the fun begins. I will probably make you run around, roll on the ground, dance, jump, laugh, snuggle, etc. I want to get you laughing, being silly, and lets be honest, getting all up in each other's business

Are you ready for some fun?

Every love story is unique and different, your photos should reflect that.

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